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Wedding Flowers At Caistor Hall: The Flower Shed
Wedding Flowers At Caistor Hall: The Flower Shed

flowers-ch4This year The Flower Shed has been a popular choice for wedding flowers at Caistor Hall. Jenny and Paul from The Flower Shed are a delight to deal with and have supplied some stunning arrangements.

Jenny explains that she meets the bride and groom at Caistor Hall, talks through colour schemes for the wedding and finds out what the bride has in mind. Jenny may add some ideas, drawing on her experience both in the industry and the venue.

If they are getting married at Caistor Hall, she can often save the couple money by moving the flowers from the service into the reception area.

“If I spot that something is missing on the day – for example, if the bride has forgotten about flowers for a pedestal during the service – I will move a table centrepiece to the pedestal, and then return it in time for the reception.


“Because I feel comfortable at Caistor Hall, I can add these little touches and know that it will go smoothly.”

This flair for customer service, as well as her stunning creations, means that Jenny gets a lot of business from referrals.

She has been in floristry since 1979 and brings her artistic skills to create wonderful flower arrangements.

She opened the Flower Shed in 2005, originally running a shop with a partner. She bought out the partner and now works from home. This gives her more flexibility to meet the bridal party at hours to suit them. For example, she can offer evening or weekend consultations.

As for Caistor Hall itself, Jenny says that the stairs in Palm Court are a wonderful feature.

“They look great dressed, and I have dressed them in many different styles, which ALL looked fab,” says Jenny.


“The ballroom is fantastic because it lends itself to any colour scheme or theme, even rustic or shabby chic.”


Jenny also likes the marquee, describing it as a blank canvas. With its height it can take some very impressive tall table arrangements and corner pedestals, along with dressing the marquee entrance.


Jenny has also dressed some cakes with fresh flowers in their theme

“I love working with Caistor Hall”, says Jenny, “I have got to know the people well and like working with them, and I know what looks good at this venue so I can advise brides.”

Jenny can also supply flowers for corporate events, funerals and general celebrations taking place at Caistor Hall.

You can contact The Flower Shed on 01362 683 653 or if you would like to talk to Caistor Hall about planning your wedding, corporate events or general celebration events call us on 01508 494998.

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